" T.I.G.E.R. Innovations is a company with technology as its forte. "

Our deep understanding of the requirements in today’s market allows us to develop solutions that add tremendous value in every step of the process. We recognize that the key to customer satisfaction and our long-term success depends on our ability to anticipate customer needs and develop innovative solutions with new technologies that provide our customers with a distinct competitive edge.



We all had our different dreams, but we came together and weaved them into a vision. A vision of a company that adopts the latest technologies, creates innovative devices and brings about a change. We also take pride in our scientific research, which helps us compete with the best in the world and nurture future talent. We endeavour to deliver!


To provide our customers with efficient , top-quality and innovative solutions that are cost effective. To deliver and maintain exceptional quality throughout our engagements. To provide a unique and process oriented approach to project management, coupled with in-depth domain expertise.